Sports Law
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St Helens Law can advise in relation to contracts relating to many sports including Association Football being agents licensed by the FA. With our experience, knowledge and understanding it won’t take long to ensure that you are receiving the income that you are entitled to.

Here at St Helens Law we have experience of the sporting world and understand the pressure that comes with this.

Disputes over agreements can either be litigated through the Courts or mediated to a settlement.

Injury Claims

Our legal team have been involved in injury claims arising out of sports activities since 1980. Whilst injuries are to be expected in sports some are caused by the illegal activities of other parties either on the basis of actual assault or negligence.

Some injuries occur as organisers fail to take proper precautions such as medical staff on hand or preventative measures to stop injuries occurring.

Representation at hearings

We have wide experience of disciplinary matters including representation at hearings.

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