If you are looking to the future and wondering how you can prepare and take care of your family, let us help.

A Lasting Power of Attorney enables you to select people who may act on your behalf and make decisions for you,  if you are unable to do so yourself.  This could be due to illness or an accident, where you are prevented from looking after your own affairs.

As the registration fee for Lasting Powers has recently been reduced to £82.00 from £110.00, there has never been a better time to make one!

If you were to be in an accident or have a sudden period of illness, there is enough for your loved ones to worry about without having additional stress about how to pay bills, or deal with companies who will not speak to them due to data protection.  A Lasting Power of Attorney can be made at any time, registered and then stored safely until such time as it might be needed.

At St Helens Law we prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney for many clients, and ensure that your documents are compliant with the rules and can be registered without a hitch.  If someone is already suffering from an illness or mental incapacity we can meet with them and even speak to their Doctor to ensure that the opportunity to make one does not pass you by.

Please click here to view our online guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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