Arguing over a will is understandable if you are part of a rich family. If the net estate does not exceed £500k, then arguing will do nothing except make lawyers better off.

The way that Court litigation is costed means that it is very front loaded. A lot a fees are incurred in the initial preparation of both lawyers. The result is that the estate is diminished by those fees before you actually achieve anything.

Sensible lawyers will look to mediation rather than litigation as the use of mediation reduces fees and allows an early exchange of information and argument. Very often this will result in an early resolution and reduced fees.

A lot of lawyers look immediately to courts out of a sense of security as they don’t want to discuss the issues as they are sometimes not sure what they are.

Competent lawyers will look to exchange information early seeking an early resolution. You have nothing to lose. If you still want to you can go to court later if it doesn’t resolve.


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