If you’re looking for reliable and reputable conveyancing solicitors in Liverpool, then you can’t go far wrong with St Helens Law. Located in the Merseyside borough, St Helens Law is well placed for any conveyancing needs you may have.

What is conveyancing?

You will need the assistance of conveyancing solicitors in Liverpool if you are buying a new home or property. Basically referring to all the legal and administrative work associated with the transfer of a building from one name to another, conveyancing will come into play once you have had your offer accepted.

When you instruct conveyancing solicitors in Liverpool, they will then deal with the searches that need to be carried out at the beginning of the transfer of property. These searches will be carried out with the local council in the borough the property lies – to ensure that there are no major building plans in the pipeline in the area you have chosen to purchase in.

These searches will also determine whether there are any financial liabilities attached to the property from previous owners / tenants, and if the local area is categorised as a flood risk – all things which could affect the purchase of the property.

Conveyancing solicitors in Liverpool will also advise you on any costs you will be liable for, such as stamp duty, and will also use their expertise to read through, and check, all contracts – liaising with the mortgage provider if required.

At completion stage, they will receive any monies from you that can be used to settle any fees and will register you as the new owner of the property with the Land Registry – which is a legal requirement.

It is possible to perform your own conveyancing on your proposed property, however there are downsides to this and it could leave you drastically out-of-pocket. It can also be very time consuming and, if anything comes up during this time, such as a boundary dispute or finding out the seller doesn’t actually have the legal right to sell the property, it can become an absolute nightmare!

As part of their training, all solicitors learn how to do conveyancing but it’s preferable to choose one who regularly undertakes the process as with more experience comes increased competency. That’s why St Helens Law fits the bill when looking for conveyancing solicitors in Liverpool.

Open since in 2001, St Helens Law have developed an excellent reputation in conveyancing and are accredited members of the Law Society in Conveyancing Quality. Offering a first initial 30-minute appointment completely free of charge, our solicitors are highly trained and will be with you every step of the way.


Our conveyancing quotes are transparent, and all services that could reasonably be expected to be included in the price are listed.  Where we are not aware of an issue, for example, if we do not know that the property you are buying or selling is leasehold at the time you are enquiring, we will amend our quote and provide a new quote to you once we are aware of that circumstance, and ensure that you are happy with that additional quote before we go any further with your transaction.  If you have any questions regarding your quote and wish to discuss then we encourage you to contact our office to discuss.  Every quote is individually provided to you depending upon your unique transaction.


St Helens Law do not accept service by electronic means.

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