Family Law Solicitors

Our experience means we understand family matters.

Our specialist team of family law solicitors in St Helens is on hand to provide the support you need. Whether you are facing a divorce, a dispute regarding children, or if you are looking to finalise a financial settlement, we can assist by providing honest, straightforward advice. Our mission is to help you to resolve matters as swiftly as possible, with the minimum stress and disruption for everyone involved.

Divorce and financial remedies

When you choose to dissolve a marriage through divorce, we understand the process can present many difficulties and stresses for you and your family. With the support of our expert team we will ensure that the legal process is managed with the utmost effeciency – helping you to reach your desired outcome quickly and simply.

When resolving financial disputes, every case is totally individual, with its own unique facts, figures and circumstances. We have a wealth of expertise in this area, and our experienced solicitors will help you resolve financial matters either by agreement, through mediation, or at court.

It is important that you are represented by divorce solicitors in St Helens, who you can trust, and who know the legal process inside and out. At SHL we’ll provide all the advice, support and understanding you need.

Children’s custody arrangements and adoption

If you need child custody services in Merseyside, then SHL’s Family Law team is on hand. We deal with all child dispute issues, whether they relate to a private dispute between parents or even if there are complicated and sensitive child care proceedings ongoing.

When children are involved, affected family members and courts are often faced with some of the most difficult decisions. Our experienced team of lawyers provides comprehensive child custody services in Merseyside, and we are able to assist anyone who is in conflict regarding children, or who harbours serious concerns about a child’s immediate safety and welfare.

Prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement is entered into before you marry, and sets out how you wish your assets to be divided in the event that your marriage breaks down.

Should you wish to create a prenuptial agreement, our team of divorce solicitors in St Helens can guide you every step of the way. We will be sensitive to the needs of all parties involved, and will help you to prepare an agreement that covers every detail you require, ensuring that all eventualities are considered.

Should your relationship ever break down, you can be sure that your prenuptial agreement will be written in such a way that ensures it is highly likely to be influential in court, providing all parties with reassurance and peace of mind for whatever the future may bring.

Domestic abuse

If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic abuse, you are not alone. The Family Law team at SHL Solicitors is here to listen to your circumstances, and provide the help that you need.

Subject to the details of your experiences, our team may be able to gain protection for you through the courts, through a non-molestation order. This legally prevents the abuser from using or threatening violence against the victim. Alternatively we could seek on your behalf an occupation order, which will enable the victim to live at the family home, to the exclusion of the abuser.

Whatever advice you need, our dedicated family law solicitors in St Helens are trained to support victims of domestic abuse. We will act with the utmost sensitivity, and will work in complete confidence, to help the victim get the protection that they need from their abuser.


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