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Administration of Estates

St Helens Law has a dedicated probate team who specialise in the work surrounding the administration of estates.

We understand that it is an emotional and extremely distressing time when you have lost someone who is very close to you.  We have a team of experienced and sympathetic lawyers on hand to advise you through this difficult stage in your life.

We can deal with the administration of estates both where the deceased has left a Will, and where the deceased has died intestate (without a Will, or without a valid Will).

A Grant of Representation will need to be obtained in every case – except where:-

  1. The estate is of a low value and the Banks, etc., agree to release funds without a Grant being obtained.
  2. All of the assets are held jointly, and will be passed to the surviving spouse/civil partner.
  3. The assets have been nominated, and do not form part of the estate, i.e. pensions.

In all other cases, you will be required to make a formal application for the Grant of Representation and complete the necessary Inland Revenue accounts.  The administration process is complicated, especially if there is inheritance tax payable (inheritance tax is payable at 40% on anything over the value of £325,000.00, or possibly upto £650,000.00 in the case of the death of a surviving spouse).  You will not be able to deal with the majority of the assets from the estate until you have obtained the Grant of Representation.

“St Helens Law do not accept service by electronic means.”

We endeavour to finalise the administration of an Estate within 6-12 months if there are no complexities or unforeseen circumstances.’

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