Not to be confused with civil litigation, commercial litigation is an area in which we specialise at St Helens Law. Even though the two are very much similar in their premise, the difference can be found when discussing who exactly contests such cases. Commercial litigation usually involves a dispute between businesses or companies, where there is some sort of corporate involvement.

The range of issues that can be disputed is different to those between two people, as they may involve more assets or affect the livelihood of a greater number of people. The most common types of commercial litigation disputes we deal with here at St Helens Law are breach of conduct, partnership or joint venture class actions and shareholder issues.

Our team are experts in the field of commercial litigation in St Helens and elsewhere, and have dealt with a variety of commercial litigation cases over the years. We’ve got the expertise to work towards the most successful outcome as quickly as possible, so you can avoid a long, drawn out process that could damage both companies for the long term.

We understand the seriousness of any commercial litigation claim, and how it can affect both parties. This is why we deal with each and every case on its individual circumstance, allowing you to receive the best possible standards from our team on every occasion.

Unfortunately, commercial litigation cases usually take longer to resolve than their civil counterparts, which places even more importance on hiring a legal team that you can trust. We can effectively and efficiently evaluate each step of the process and provide a top class service that you can be happy with.

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