Inquests are held in Coroners Court usually in the town where the deceased died. Preparing for an Inquest can be a daunting experience.

As part of our service we can attend on inquests as representatives of the deceased’s family to both help the family understand the procedures involved and also to if need be obtain expert evidence to assist the questioning of witnesses at the Inquest.

For a family who have lost a loved one those weeks after the death can be very harrowing and difficult. St Helens Law have years of experience of attending on Inquests. Our advocate solicitors can sit down with you and advise what the costs might be. Very often there is no cost attached to attending and it can give closure to families to know that the inquest has answered questions.

The purposes of the Inquest will be explained to you and your family and the evidence analysed.

Inquests are an excellent way of obtaining explanations as to what has gone wrong say at a hospital or why someone has died in custody. You are entitled to ask the Coroner for an Inquest. Not all Inquests (investigations) involve post mortem examinations (a report as to the organs and tissues in the body at death). If you are uncertain as to how to ask for an Inquest simply call us for advice.

There is no cost from the Coroner in asking for an Inquest.

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