Personal Injury Claims
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We have a dedicated team of experienced personal injury lawyers who are able to assist you whether you have been injured in a road traffic accident, had an accident at work or even have suffered as a result of professional or medical negligence.

If you have recently suffered a personal injury, St Helens Law can provide a compensation specialist in Merseyside to quickly be able to assess whether you are likely to have any grounds for making a claim for compensation.

The Claims Process

Your personal injury claims solicitor in St Helens will go through the details of your accident or how you have suffered damage in order to assess your claim fully and make the right decision. This first discussion can often take place over the telephone. Your solicitor will send an initial letter to the person or company responsible for your injuries.

The next step will be to gather together all of the medical evidence necessary to prove your injuries. If the person or company that is responsible for your injuries admits that they are liable, this medical evidence will just be used to decide upon the amount of compensation you will receive. If liability is denied, then further evidence regarding the incident will be gathered, and as a last resort your personal injury claims solicitor in St Helens will issue court proceedings on your behalf, and it shall be for the court to decide where the blame lies and how much compensation must be paid.

Time Frame for Your Claim

Each personal injury claim is different. For this reason, we have assembled one of the best teams of experienced personal injury compensation specialists in Merseyside.

As each case is unique, the length of time they take to resolve depends upon the specific circumstances of your claim. Whilst very straightforward matters, such as simple road traffic accident claims, can be resolved within months, cases involving very serious injuries are likely to take longer.

Funding Your Claim

For the majority of personal injuries claims, we can offer a conditional fee agreement, often known as “no-win, no-fee”, which means that you will not pay for your legal costs. Alternatively, insurance can provide legal funding. These are issues that our team of specialist lawyers will investigate on your behalf at the earliest stage of your enquiry.

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