Boundary Disputes

Disputes over boundaries between properties, be they residential or commercial, can be both a very stressful and expensive experience.

We have seen many times Claimants who are quite happy to argue over very small amounts of land without really taking into account the likely expense and frustration caused by that argument.

In order to avoid anxiety, frustration and expense it is important that the correct solicitors are chosen early on so that litigation can be avoided at all costs and, if litigation is to be chosen, that litigation needs to be handled efficiently with knowledge, skill and experience so that the amount of monies expended are kept to a minimum.

We at St. Helens Law have a long track record in dealing with boundary disputes and we have built up an enviable reservoir of experience, information and knowledge to enable us to assist Claimants (or for that matter Defendants)!

The most important advice that we can give to you is to try and keep on talking to your neighbour.  Shouting and screaming at each other over a fence that one or the other thinks is in the wrong place is not going to help both parties reach agreement.

If you are already at that point where tempers are frayed then, by instructing St. Helens Law we can show you ways that can resolve the boundary dispute with a minimum of cost, anxiety and  time.

There are some parties to boundary disputes who simply will never want to agree anything, regardless of the cost of not agreeing and regardless of the anxiety and stress caused by not agreeing.

Please do not think that we are advocating giving your property away.  That would never be our position.  The way in which we approach boundary disputes is as follows :-

  • Obtain the Title Deeds and have a competent RICS surveyor measure the boundaries in accordance with the deeds.
  • We at St. Helens Law are looking to resolve the boundary dispute as early as possible either by agreement, by mediation or, if need be, at the end by litigation.
  • Avoiding the expense of boundary disputes can be difficult but there are ways that you can access legal expenses funders who sometimes are willing to help you fund the dispute if need be through the Courts.

We deal with boundary disputes all over England and Wales.  If you want to contact us for a free initial discussion as to the problem then please simply call our telephone number below.

If, after the free initial discussion there are any legal fees that will have to be paid either now or in the future, this will be given to you in a written illustration to see whether you want to proceed or not.  That is our guarantee.

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