A large number of companies have commercial insurance policies issued by a broker or direct with an insurer that protects them against claims made by third parties and claims made by employees for being injured.

A lot of the policies issued also have in them “business interruption” clauses that were never asked for by the insured and some may not even know that they are there.

If you have one of these clauses then you may be entitled to compensation for the loss of revenue caused by the pandemic.

The nature of the clause may well be related to closure of the premises by the lockdown or some may be related to the actual presence of infection in the area causing you not to be able to work.

The applicability of these clauses to Covid 19 is a matter of interpretation as obviously no such pandemic has affected this country in modern times.

You may have made a claim to your insurers and heard nothing or simply were told that you were not covered.

The insurance industry are participating in a series of test cases in June and July to clarify what the various clauses mean and how they are to be interpreted by claimants and insurers going forward.

We are gathering in claimants to assist them to make these claims. We are dealing on a contingency basis, namely a percentage of the damages received.  If you want to be part of the process then please simply download the enquiry form and contingency fee agreement using the links below:

• Enquiry form (PDF)
• Contingency fee agreement (PDF)

Complete your forms in full and return by email to howard.nulty@sthelenslaw.co.uk. We will then review your information and contact you to discuss your claim.