We have received the following statement of defence regarding a road traffic accident on Christmas Eve.


Statement of Defendant re : RTA on Christmas Eve

I was driving down the A580 on Christmas Eve, it was about 12.10am. 

Suddenly, from behind a huge fluffy cloud, I saw an enormous sleigh.  It was then I heard tinkling bells and noticed that there was a rather large gentleman sat in the sleigh (which was incidentally being pulled by a number of what appeared to be reindeers – the front one having a bulbous shiny red nose)!

The large gentleman was dressed in red velvet (I remember this clearly as I thought it was odd that a man with such a large belly would choose to accentuate his physique with such a bold colour) and was shouting at the top of his lungs “HO, HO, HO”. 

As a result, I had what I can only describe as a momentary lapse in concentration, and allowed my vehicle to swerve into the adjacent lane, and collided with the side of the Claimant’s vehicle. 

I can confirm that all my efforts to contact this gentleman to give a statement, have so far failed.


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