So often after motor accidents, the driver responsible will drive off without leaving details or you find out that the other driver is not insured. What can you do? Well the Motor Insurance Bureau is responsible for paying compensation to victims of car accidents where there is either no trace of the other party or where there is no insurance for the other party.

The procedure where someone is simply uninsured is the same as if there was insurance.The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) will settle such claims and if they cannot be agreed and the case goes to Court the MIB will pay the damages and all of the legal fees as well. The MIB will make sure before they do make the payments that there are no insurers that can pay the damages.

When the other driver drives away the process is a little different in that there is no other driver to take to Court. The MIB investigate and then if they are satisfied they make payment and pay most of the legal fees as well. These claims tend to take a little longer but provided the MIB are satisfied that the accident happened they will pay the compensation.

Don’t think that having no insurance or the driver driving off means that you cannot recover damages. Think of the MIB and contact your solicitor.

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