Unsure where to start when claiming against clinical negligence, or afraid of making a fuss? If you’ve received substandard professional care or advice, then you are perfectly within your rights to seek recompense. Vastly experienced in medical negligence cases, here at St. Helens Law, we will guide you through the process every step of the way to ensure you get the peace of mind – and compensation – you deserve.

Bringing the practitioner to account

Once certified as a professional, anyone in a medical field has a duty of care to provide the best possible service to their patients. Happily, cases of clinical negligence are rare.  However, errors can – and do – happen in diagnosis, treatment or aftercare. The consequence of these mistakes can have a dramatic, and lasting, impact on you and your health.

If a mistake has affected you personally, it is important to file a claim against the professional who treated you. This may potentially uncover other mistakes made by the service or the professional themselves which will help to protect future patients and minimise the risk of the same thing happening to somebody else. Here at St Helens Law, we have successfully disputed multiple medical negligence claims in St Helens and the surrounding areas and we are here to support you with yours.


Clinical Malpractice

Claiming the compensation you deserve

As much as claiming clinical negligence is about bringing the practitioner to account for their actions, it is also about making sure you, as the patient, don’t pay for a mistake that wasn’t your fault. Claiming medical negligence in St Helens allows any losses to be replaced and for any additional costs to be covered for things such as ongoing care or treatment that you may need as a result.

Preventing future mistakes

By claiming clinical negligence, you are also helping out anyone in the future who may also be affected by a case of professional incompetence. If you take the right steps to claim if you have been affected then it can drastically change the way a professional in a clinical setting approaches the way they approach their conduct in the future, which will be for the better.

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