My interest  in this subject was alerted at an early age when my wife sued me for damages about twenty years ago. There we were on the A59, caravan in tow, three dogs, three kids and a Range Rover with a flat tyre. Having pulled into a lay-by I started to pull down the tailgate trying to stop the dogs from jumping out and running away but hoping desperately that the kids and wife would. Lorries were roaring past shaking the car and caravan. Having extracted the spare from the boot, I leaned it against the side of the boot sitting on the tailgate. My dear wife stood by hanging onto the kids and dogs that were all on leads – yes even the kids. Just to further engage her affections to caravanning a huge lorry roared past and the slip stream blew the car and caravan shaking it so much that the wheel rolled of the tailgate landing on her knee.

Having spent several hours at the hospital at Skipton she was discharged on crutches which made it a little more difficult for her to cook the full english on the caravan site. Still, I enjoyed the golf whilst she hung onto the entourage. Having returned home my solicitor was instructed to write to me claiming damages on behalf of my wife for failing to secure the wheel and allowing it to roll off causing injury. With the £2500 damages we were later in the year able to afford a proper holiday. The damages were paid by my insurers as were the legal fees. My policy was a protected bonus policy so I didn’t suffer any prejudice. Wonderful, we all won.

This can also work in a straight forward car accident. If you have an accident and you make a claim on your policy for say, your damage to your car or for the other parties, then you have already made a claim. As you have already made a claim, you will not be further prejudiced by your insurers for someone else asking for damages. They already have your claim and it usually means that is it so far as they are concerned. If you have a protected No Claims Bonus then you have not even lost that in any event.

This can also work in other accidents. If you are watching the World Cup and the old trouble and strife tips a hot cup of tea over your genitals then you have a claim against her. You can take action against her and she will almost certainly be covered by your contents insurance for damages and legal fees. You claim off her and she claims off the insurers. Simple.

If ever anyone in your family is injured just give me a call. There is always a way to make the money spin. “Making gain from your pain”.

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