The process of commercial litigation is something that isn’t ideal for anyone. However, such is the usual delicate nature of business agreements, you may find yourself wanting to claim against a breakdown in a relationship or a dispute in which you think you’re entitled to some form of compensation.

The old adage is that business is ruthless, but if you feel like another party has crossed the line between right and wrong, and you deserve a resolution, then a commercial litigation case could be your next port of call. At St Helens Law, we can provide you with comprehensive assistance during the whole process, offering sensible, legal advice from our experts. If you feel like you’ve been on the wrong end of a wrongful act from a business or company, our friendly and approachable team are on hand to help.

Here are some of the most common examples our commercial litigation solicitors have helped with over the years, if you fall into these categories then be sure to get in touch today!

Partnership and shareholder disputes

Often, these kinds of cases can be the most emotionally charged of all potential instances of commercial litigation. With your business at stake and the pressures that come with it, taking up legal matters with a partner or shareholder might be the last thing you want to go through, especially if they’re a friend or family member!

But if you feel like your partnership agreement is not being upheld, or a fellow shareholder is starting to damage the business, then taking matters to court could be the best way of saving your company. At St Helens Law, we have seen many difficult instances in which family members are disputing against each other, based on a partnership agreement that has lasted for many years.

Disputes like these can be challenging for all parties and can lead to disastrous consequences if not dealt with correctly. So, if a partner or shareholder is acting against the best interests of your business, it might be time to reach out to St Helens Law. Our team will gladly advise you on the next steps to take.

Interference with intellectual property

You have every right to defend a product of your thinking and creation. Whether it’s a piece of art or literacy or an image, you deserve to keep ownership of it. So, if you feel like your ownership of your intellectual property (IP) is being challenged, you might be entitled to a successful commercial litigation claim.

Examples of IP infringement are wide-ranging, but some of the most common we see are:

  • When someone sells your patented product
  • When someone uses your work under copyright without your permission
  • When someone makes or sells your design for their own commercial gain
  • Claims a trademark that is similar or identical to your own registered design

If your material has been copyrighted or distributed without your consent, you’re in with a good chance of getting compensation. The team at St Helens Law are skilled and experienced in the field of commercial litigation, so if you are ready to open up a case, get in touch with us today.

Tortious interference

Tortious interference is one of the most serious cases we have dealt with here at St Helens Law. This kind of case is put forward when a party damages another person’s contractual obligations or business relationships intentionally by the use of a third party. If you’ve received economic harm as a result of this, you will be entitled to claim.

This can occur in a number of ways, most notably when someone intentionally interferes with another person maintaining a business relationship with others, usually for their own gain. Tortious interference is also prevalent in contract breaches, where one party uses their influence to persuade someone to breach their contract or interfere with how a contractor fulfils their contractual obligation.

This kind of commercial litigation can be challenging to categorise, so if you believe you may be a victim of this, contact our commercial litigation solicitors now.

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