Sadly many families have lost relatives during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of those that have died have made wills that have resulted in families falling out over who should receive what from the deceased. Whilst not suggesting that families should argue over such things, going to court should always be a last resort. Unfortunately some solicitors still look to the courts to provide a remedy, when the reality is that a court is not suitable for such disputes.

Mediation is a very effective way of resolving these disputes, and can often be suitable for several reasons.

Mediations cost about £1,000 per day.  That is the equivalent of approximately four hours work for a senior solicitor.

Mediations focus the minds of those involved, resulting in more successful outcomes than court cases overall.

Mediations are unique
Litigation has one loser and one winner, where the loser usually pays for all the fees – often resulting in animosity between the parties. Although not always the case, mediation can work so that everyone has a positive result and the parties can remain on speaking terms.

If you are involved in a family dispute over a loved one’s estate – try mediation.


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