With Christmas just around the corner, you’ll no doubt be looking forward to all the celebrations – we certainly are, here at St Helens Law! But, as the excitement builds and everyone is out and about having fun, it’s important to be aware that the festive season also sees a real spike in personal injuries.

We really hope you enjoy a safe and happy Christmas but, if an accident does happen, don’t panic – we can help. Below we take a brief look at some of the most common accidents for you to be mindful of and where we can assist in making a personal injury claim.

The Christmas party

Work’s Christmas party is often a calendar highlight. A chance to unwind and have fun with co-workers, as opposed to the stresses and deadlines of a regular day in work. As spirits run high we often overindulge, and alcohol can pose serious risks if not drunk in moderation. Unfortunately you won’t be able to claim if you have a general slip after being too drunk. However, if you happen to fall over an item that has been neglected by the venue then you may have a chance to claim, as maintaining the safety of their building is firmly their responsibility.

Icy conditions

It is the responsibility of the local council to maintain the safety of their streets. So, if you happen to slip on ice in the road – regardless of whether this is after a few too many drinks – you may be able to make a personal injury claim in St Helens.

However, if there is no apparent fault, and you fell over due to simply being drunk, then you would not be able to claim.

Being careful on the roads

Icy conditions also make driving much more hazardous. This, combined with Christmas being one of the busiest times of the year on the roads, unfortunately means an increase in road traffic accidents. Car accident injury claims in St Helens, and throughout the country, are more frequent around Christmas time. If you’re involved in a road traffic accident (RTA) that wasn’t your fault, we can help you claim for compensation.

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Don’t let an accident dampen your festive spirit! If you’re involved in an accident this Christmas, and think that you may be eligible for personal injury compensation in St Helens, then our knowledgeable, friendly team are here to assist you.

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