Our experience in dealing with families that allege that they have been let down by the NHS has caused us to conclude that a lot of families simply want an explanation from those involved.

Why did the treatment not work out?

We have found the Trusts up and down the region very helpful in telling families why treatment has not worked out as they expected. Very often a simple letter to the Trust will elicit an explanation that satisfies the family and restores their faith in the NHS.

We are quite happy to sit down with families and assist them in putting together a letter to a Trust seeking an explanation as to what has happened. There is no charge for this service.

Howard Nulty of SHL Solicitors says” We recognise that the NHS has a lot to do and even more so at the moment. By us helping families with their complaints we believe that a lot of NHS time and money can be saved.  More importantly faith in the NHS for families can be restored. We can use our expertise to assist the families to understand what has happened”

Families can simply call our office to arrange either a face to face meeting or a remote meeting if preferred.

Contact us for support

If your family has had a bad experience with medical treatment, our team of experts at St Helens Law will provide the best level of support.

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