Being injured abroad is no fun. If you are injured abroad sometimes you have to take action in the country where the accident happened (and that can include Scotland and Ireland both North and Eire). The Package Tour Regulations make it possible for Court action to be taken against a holiday company who organised the holiday irrespective as to whether it was their fault or not. That claim can take place in this country in the local County Court.

This means that we can advise as to liability and levels of damages without you having to worry about going abroad to claim. Also this means that we can act on a “no win no fee” basis to claim back damages for you. The damages are based on the levels that would be awarded here, and you can recover loss of earnings and other expenses as well.

If you have had a bad time on holiday and you want to be advised as to your rights to damages, then just give our office a call on 01744 742360 or contact us through our website.