In our previous blog, we discussed residential conveyancing and how the team here at St Helens Law can help. This post will now delve a little deeper and discuss how our service for house conveyancing in St Helens can assist you in the purchase and sale of a home, the re-mortgaging of a property or equity release.

As discussed previously, the process of residential conveyancing can be a daunting and drawn-out process – not to mention the volume of confusing paperwork involved.

We can assist you throughout the whole process, whether this be buying a home, selling your property, applying for a re-mortgage, or accessing equity release.


Buying a new house is an exciting time, especially if you are a first-time buyer. A sense of independence, and a place to call your own, a home can be the perfect place to start a new chapter in your life. However, with the excitement can also come stress – especially if you’re unsure what the process entails.

At St Helens Law, we provide a step by step service to ensure you feel at ease about buying a property. Helping with your search, we can offer information on current properties available in your area and provide a note of interest that indicates to the seller you are interested in their listed property. Our solicitors also ensure that you have all the required information on your property of interest, which could include a survey report. This may need to be more detailed if requested by your mortgage provider, but our experienced solicitors can provide it for you.

Once a home has been chosen, as part of our property conveyancing service in St Helens, we will advise on a suitable offer price and draw up a formal offer to the seller for you. If accepted, our solicitors will help you produce a written acceptance in a way that conforms with legal procedure.

Once the offer has been accepted, our solicitors will confirm your ownership documents, which should give you far less to worry about at this stage. Once this has been confirmed then we will transfer any outstanding funds and confirming your legal ownership of the property.

Residential Conveyancing St Helens


If you are in the position of selling a property, then our solicitors will share their expertise on a home report, ensuring that this is in compliant with the law. We will make sure that this includes a property questionnaire and an energy report.

Our team will confer the selling price for you, as well as accepting a purchase offer (is you’re happy with it) on your behalf. Importantly, we will draw up a binding purchasing agreement once the sale has concluded.

After the sale has been completed, we will continue to assist you until the post-sale paperwork has been fully confirmed. This means we draw up a new deed for the transfer of ownership, handle any further checks, and if repairs have been agreed as part of the sale we will even help to organise these.


Our team of experts are also here to support you during the re-mortgaging process. We understand that this can be something that could save you money in the long term, or a necessity if your financial status has changed. Either way, our team is on hand to provide detailed and invaluable guidance.

Equity release

Releasing equity in your property is essentially borrowing money from the value of your own home which is paid off when you die or move into long term care.

Equity release can be a good way of gaining extra income for your retirement or funding home improvement plans. Our team of experts can assist you with applying for equity release, explaining the process and providing you with the very best legal advice, every step of the way.

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