Drafting your will is something that you probably want to put off for as long as possible, we understand. But what happens if you die unexpectedly? Is it worth taking the risk of not having an up to date will or, even worse, not having a will drawn up at all? It is recommended that, when making a will in St Helens or anywhere else, you regularly revise your will (every five years or so) and include all of the necessary features to ensure that your loved ones will not be left disappointed when the time comes.

This blog from St Helens Law points out some things that you may have forgotten first time round!

Know your worth

Before you get started in distributing your assets, you are going to want to know the exact amount that you can split. To do this, you will need to find out how much your estate is worth. This includes any property(ies) that you own as well as any investments, motor vehicles, jewellery or household furniture.

Anything that has a monetary value and is attributed to your name is deemed to be your estate. This list can be quite extensive, and the value of your assets can change over time, so it is important to have them valued regularly. With this knowledge, you can then split these values equally, outlining exactly what each recipient will be receiving when you are writing your will.

The clearer the better

Think about it, who would you leave your assets to if you passed away? You would surely want to include them in your will, right? If you would like to leave possessions to specific people, whether this be friends or family, then make sure that you explicitly state this in your will. Any blurred lines here can lead to problems in the future.

For example, if you don’t specify in your document who you want to leave your assets to, then this can lead to anger and disappointment between friends or family members during a time of mourning, the worst case scenario for many.

If you would like a professional to assist you in making your will, then the team of experts at St Helens Law can help. Our experience in this field can guarantee that you will be left with a document that is legally correct and that you are happy with, making the process as smooth as possible.

Do you have children under the age of 18?

Every parent wants the best for their children – and to know that, when they aren’t around to care for them, they are in safe hands. To ensure that they are receiving the best possible care, you will want to name any legal guardians in your will. This is so they can be given the legal green light to take your children under their care if you pass away.

It is worth speaking to these guardians before you put them in your will, so you have their permission. Becoming a guardian of a child or children is a huge commitment to make, so it is best to discuss this possibility with them directly so they know that they could be called upon if the worst case ever happens.

Request how you want your funeral to be conducted

Your funeral should be very personal to you and done in a way that you see fit. In order to have full control about how your funeral should be conducted, then make sure you address this in your will document. Here you are able to make special requests in your will such as whether you wish to be buried or cremated. By leaving a letter of wishes to your executors, you are able to make specific requests about the funeral service or even the reception after the funeral has been concluded.

This is a good way of making your will as simple as possible, as by leaving this separate letter you can go into detail about how you wish your funeral to be conducted without it feeling like the original document is overwhelming for your loved ones.

Contact us

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