Suffered at the hands of a medical professional? Received inadequate care or sub-standard surgery? At St Helens Law we have a dedicated team of solicitors who can fight your medical negligence case on your behalf.

To get your claim underway all you need to do is to visit our town centre office – no appointment is necessary. Our first meeting together will take roughly half an hour and comes free of charge. We use it to discuss your case and to find out why you’re claiming for compensation. If you are unable to get to our office, don’t worry, you can call us or get in touch via email.

What can I claim for?

Bringing forward a medical negligence case in St Helens is possible for anyone who has suffered as a result of medical treatment, or the actions of a professional carrying out or administering treatment. Examples of clinical negligence are:

  • If your condition was not diagnosed or was misdiagnosed
  • If a mistake was made during a procedure or operation
  • If you were given the wrong medicine or drugs
  • You did not give informed consent to treatment before it began
  • You were not warned about the risks of undergoing a treatment

You will only be eligible if it can be shown, on the balance of probability, that any treatment you received was performed negligently and/or fell below recognised, acceptable medical standards.

Compensation can only be awarded if you have suffered injuries or losses as a direct result of the negligent treatment. Through our medical negligence solicitors in St Helens, you can make a claim as a next of kin of someone who has passed away or on behalf of someone who doesn’t have the capability to do so themselves.

Injuries and losses compensation is awarded for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Treatments that are still ongoing as a result of the injuries you suffered
  • If you require extra care, need to adapt your home or need to purchase aid equipment
  • Loss of earnings
  • Psychological damage you have suffered

How long can a claim take to settle?

A medical negligence claim can take any time between 12 months to three years to reach a conclusion. In complex cases, it can be even longer.

Once you have submitted a claim through us you can access details and updates of your case on FileView. You will also be given the direct contact details of the solicitor submitting the claim on your behalf.

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