A housing disrepair claim is necessary if your landlord has failed to repair any damages to your property over a significant period of time. After all, why should you accept living in a property that falls below the required standards just because you don’t own it? The responsibility to keep the fundamentals of the building in the best possible condition lies firmly with the landlord. So, if they are failing to repair any damages and are leaving you to live in a home that is quite frankly unsafe, then you’re more than entitled to make a claim.

Of course, when making a claim, you should always expect to receive the best possible outcome. Here at St Helens Law, you can be assured that with our help, you’ll be able to benefit from your claim and live in a safer, more comfortable environment in the future.

But what exactly could you receive from making a claim such as this? Read on to find out…

Pain, suffering and loss of amenity

First, it’s important to understand why exactly you will be compensated when it comes to claiming against housing disrepair in St Helens or elsewhere. The term ‘pain, suffering and loss of amenity’ is used in these kinds of claims, which means that you will be compensated for the fact that you’ve been living in a property that has caused you to live uncomfortably for an extended period of time, potentially in unsafe conditions.

If this is the case, and your landlord has ignored calls for repair, then you’re entitled to compensation. Here’s what you can expect.

A repair order

First and foremost, your landlord will be ordered to carry out the repairs in question. This ensures that your living conditions can improve as quickly as possible. If you’ve been living in a neglected environment for a while, we’re sure this will be music to your ears. Your landlord will be ordered to sanction these repairs as soon as possible, paying for the required tradespeople to fix the damages to the property to restore your home back to its full potential.

As part of a successful housing disrepair claim, there is no way for your landlord to continue to ignore the damage to your property, as they will be obliged to undertake the repairs by law.


As a result of a successful claim, you will also receive some form of monetary compensation as a way of repaying the losses you have suffered from. As expected, this is calculated on a case by case process, so each recipient receives a fair amount. Depending on the severity of the damages to your property, you should expect between 20% – 50% of your rent back for the time that the damages have been present.

In extremely rare cases, you may be awarded 100% of the rent paid during this period if your home is in a state where it is uninhabitable. This is the case if the property lacks heating, hot water supply or electricity. It could also be as a result of severe levels of damp or structural damage that makes the building extremely unsafe.

Need help with a housing disrepair claim?

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