Hopefully, none of our readers has to go through a divorce. At the time, then can be stressful and a long and arduous process. However, sometimes it is necessary, as both parties feel like they would be better off apart, or one of both parties has demonstrated conduct which means that isn’t feasible for the marriage to continue.

A divorce can only be filed for after a minimum of a year of marriage, and if you feel like an agreement can’t be made without the help of a lawyer, then we at St Helens Law can help. We give you all the answers you want and need to know in this blog post and explore how we can be of assistance throughout the process.

A usual timeframe

We understand that it is likely that all parties will want the process completed as soon as possible. But there are many things to consider so that everyone can benefit from a reasonable compromise. This means that the divorce process normally takes around 4-6 months to be legally finalised. We know that this may be longer than anticipated for many people, but for the divorce settlement to be legally correct, it is recommended to wait it out instead of trusting a company that promises you a quicker timeframe, as you could be left with further legal issues to tackle in the future.

Why does a divorce take this long?

Of course, the divorce can take less than 4 months if both parties have little dispute. But normally, disagreements arise over money, property or children. Of course, everyone wishes for the best outcome, and it can take some time for that to be reached.

A divorce should take minimal time (relatively speaking) if both parties agree to the divorce and the reason for it. However, it can often take longer to reach a conclusion if either you or your partner refuse to agree to it. This is normally where divorce mediation in St Helens is useful, as the experts from St Helens Law can deal with your dispute in a way that is sensible and efficient. We are here to help you reach the outcome that you deserve.

What other issues may you need to consider?

During a divorce, if you have any of the aforementioned property, monetary or child custody issues to solve, then this may increase the time to get your divorce legally finalised. If you are thinking about a divorce, then you may want to consider the disputes that could arise concerning these aspects of your marriage.


This is one aspect of a divorce that often becomes a sticking point in proceedings. Part of a divorce is deciding how to separate your finances in a way that is fair and that you can both agree on. This means that you will have to agree on how you are going to split your pensions, savings or any potential investments that you share.

As part of a divorce settlement, you may benefit from a share of your partner’s pension, and regular maintenance payments that can help cover the cost of custody of your children and living expenses, so you are not left in an unsustainable financial position post-divorce.


It is normal for the property in which you have cohabited to be sold after a divorce, but often disputes arise regarding who remains in the property, and which partner has to move out.

If you own one, or multiple properties with your spouse, then it can often be a complicated and draining time for at least one partner, which is why you should entrust the help of a professional. At St Helens Law, the expert divorce lawyers in St Helens, we can offer the legal help you need, to come away with the amount of equity that you are comfortable with and deserve.


This is usually the most emotionally taxing dispute that needs to be settled during a divorce. It is often in the best interests of both parties to come to an agreement here, for the sake of the welfare of your children, but this can sometimes prove difficult if parties are in strong disagreement with each other.

If you can’t reach an agreement on custody, it is recommended that you reach out for legal help to assist you in reaching an outcome that benefits everyone. We here at St Helens Law are experienced family solicitors in St Helens and can use our sensible and professional advice to make the process as smooth as possible.

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