Buying a property for the first time can be full of excitement as you can finally think about living that independent life you’ve always dreamed of. But it is also completely natural to also feel a sense of trepidation as taking so much responsibility could be a big change from what you have been used to.

The process of buying a home can in fact be a straight forward process, if done correctly. This is why it is important to make sure you are given sensible advice from an expert in conveyancing that can help get you moved in to your first home as swiftly as possible, whilst also making sure you are not met with any lasting complications along the way.

So here at St Helens Law we are here to tell you how we can be of assistance if you are looking for a smooth conveyancing process while purchasing your first property.

Expert advice

Of course, this goes without saying. But with almost 20 years of experience as a company and around 100 years of experience as professionals in the field of law, St Helens Law are one of the most confident and trusted law firms you can turn to. One of our areas of expertise is conveyancing law, with our team on hand to give you the correct and relevant advice you need, ensuring that any legal processes are completed as seamlessly as possible. This gives you peace of mind that you’re in the hands of a conveyancing lawyer in St Helens you can trust.

No unnecessary hold ups

One of the main worries of people who are looking to purchase a property is if they are stuck in limbo as a hold up in proceedings has left them neither here nor there. Obviously if a serious halt to proceedings causes a delay, we will look to eradicate this as soon as possible. But with the assurance in which we do things here at St Helens Law, we make sure that there are never any delays on our part during the process, so you can move into your new property as soon as possible. When we confidently set a deadline, we will stick to it!

Use our versatility to your advantage

As we’ve previously mentioned, our experience in dealing with the conveyancing process puts us in good stead when it comes to any transaction when purchasing a home. Our team of experts can deal with all purchase transactions, including residential conveyancing, Local Authority Right-to-Buy and Buy to Let Investment properties. Whatever way is easiest for you to purchase your first property, our solicitors for buying a new house in St Helens will be able to guide you through the whole process.

Always catered to you

Here at St Helens Law, we pride ourselves in providing a personal service that is always centred around the needs of our customers. After all, purchasing your first house is something that you will be taking a lot of interest in. We always look to build positive professional relationships with the people we help, so you never have to worry during the process. If you do have any concerns or worries, our team are friendly and approachable, with our wealth of knowledge giving you all the answers you need.

Contact us

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