If you use a professional you expect to be provided with the best possible service but, sadly, this isn’t always the case. If you’ve been let down, you’re well within your rights to claim for the loss you have suffered – and our experienced team at St Helens Law can help.

Perhaps you’ve followed bad advice from your solicitor or been given poor guidance from your accountant – whatever the profession, our professional negligence lawyers based in St Helens town centre can assist you in claiming compensation. We work on a no win no fee basis, with only a 25% fee charge applied if the claim is successful.

When should I consider claiming professional negligence compensation?

If a professional makes a mistake that results in you being worse off financially, it’s time for you to consider applying for compensation.

Once you have contacted our professional negligence solicitors in St Helens, we will invite you to a free 30-minute interview to assess your claim and advise if we think you should proceed.

What happens once I’ve made a claim?

If your claim is accepted a “Professional Negligence Pre-Action Protocol” is followed before any court action is taken. This contacts the professional in question informing them that a claim has been made against them. The professional then have 3 weeks to acknowledge the letter and a further 3 months to provide a response that either admits the claim, makes a settlement proposal or disputes the claim.

Still unsure? Get in touch

Our dedicated and professional team here at St Helens Law are highly experienced with professional negligence claims. Once your claim is made we will provide you with a reference to access your private file online, ensuring you’re always kept up to date on proceedings.

Why not get in touch? Request a free consultation using the online form provided or call us on 01744 742360 or email info@sthelenslaw.co.uk for an instant response.