No one wants to talk about preparing for what happens after you die, we understand. However, facing up to these issues early, giving yourself plenty of time to plan, is a sensible way of going about things. It will leave your family and loved ones in a healthier position when this challenging time comes.

This is something everyone wants as part of their legacy, right? The legal processes involved after a person’s death can be quite a confusing subject, which is why the experts at St Helens Law are here to help. We can offer assistance with sensible and professional advice that can help you avoid a harsh and unexpected payment of inheritance tax at what is already a difficult time.

If you would like to find out more information about inheritance tax planning then be sure to take a look on our dedicated page.

Secures a future for your family

This is the main reason why we see many clients come to us looking to avoid inheritance tax. They want to ensure their family has a better future once they die, and who can blame them? If you leave all assets above the £325,000 threshold to your surviving spouse or civil partner or give it to a charity or community amateur sports club – all that can be done with the help of St Helens Law – your beneficiaries will have no inheritance tax to pay.

This allows your family to deal with the important, necessary costs that are involved with the process after death, such as funeral costs etc. without having to worry about any other pending payments.

No extra worries for your nearest

The passing of a loved one will undoubtedly be a distressing and hard time for those closest to the deceased. This is why you should take every available opportunity to make sure that all of the necessary legal procedures – including writing a will in St Helens – are completed before you pass away.

Ensuring these things are in place gives your family the chance to mourn in a way that suits them, without having to worry about potentially selling off the assets they inherit from you. If this is the case, they could end up with less money than what you originally set aside for them. However, planning ahead, with the help of St Helens Law, can really help you to avoid inheritance tax.

Give yourself peace of mind

It’s not just your families’ future you are securing by planning ahead, but also your own. If you choose to write a legal will in St Helens, then you will be safe in the knowledge that your close friends and relatives will be able to grieve in the best possible way, instead of encountering extra, unexpected problems after you die.

What’s more, it will enable you to live the rest of your life – knowing that all legal proceedings are secured and that your close ones will be in safe hands.

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