by Howard Nulty

Many people involved in accidents are left struggling to pay their medical expenses.

When you are injured following an accident the NHS are usually able to help you back into fitness either through your GP, the Hospital or physiotherapist. Sometimes, however, a lengthy waiting list may leave you waiting for months before your problems are dealt with. Or the treatment  you need may not be available on the NHS at all.

That needn’t be the case.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, then private treatment will often be authorised by insurers to put you back on your feet. If they don’t volunteer the treatment then you can see a solicitor and insist. The treatment can often be paid for by way of an interim payment.

At St Helens Law we recently acted for a client who needed treatment on her ovaries, that the NHS would not provide. This was after a clinical error on the part of the Trust. We arranged private treatment that was later funded by the Trust through our offices.

A more common need after accidents is physiotherapy. We have arrangements with physiotherapists that will treat you and wait to be paid until the end of the damages claim.

So if you’ve had an accident, there’s no need to let medical expenses add to your pain, and no need to wait for the NHS. Simply contact St Helens Law and our expert team will help take care of your private treatment.

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