Appointing a lasting power of attorney is an important decision to make, so it is vital that you are comfortable and informed about the process.

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is used by someone who would like decisions to be made on their behalf. At St Helens Law, we are a highly experienced team, and have provided a trusted lasting power of attorney service across St Helens for almost 20 years. We are committed to giving you sound legal advice and guiding you through the whole procedure if you are unsure as to what it all means.

How LPA works

An ‘attorney’ is appointed by a donor (the person who the decision is being made on behalf of) to make decisions on their behalf, and there can be more than one attorney appointed. Attorney’s also do not need any legal experience to be appointed to this role. With this being the case, it is often that we see family members or close friends appointed as an attorney during the LPA process.

Lasting powers of attorney apply in two ways these are:

  • Property and financial affairs
  • Health and personal welfare

Property and financial affairs

This allows a donor to appoint an attorney to look after their bank accounts, pensions and investments, as well as property and assets. They can also pay outstanding bills. Furthermore, attorneys can handle the donor’s money to ensure that their home is looked after and purchase day to day essentials, for example, food. It is important to note that you should discuss a donor’s longer term decisions such as their living arrangements, medical care or daily routine with their health and welfare attorney to get a second opinion, if the donor happens to have one.

Lasting power of attorney

Health and personal welfare

Appointing an attorney to manage health and personal welfare, means that decisions can be made regarding the donor’s care and medical treatment. Health and personal welfare attorney’s also have a hand in decisions that are made about a donor’s place of care, the type of care they receive and daily routine. The fact that this crosses over between both attorney fields emphasises why communication is so important if there is more than one attorney.

A lasting power of attorney could be vital if a time comes when the donor is unable to make the decision themselves and would benefit from someone deciding on their behalf. This LPA process in St Helens can be implemented now, but only come into effect when someone may not be able to make a decision themselves. We have found that is what makes setting up an LPA popular, as it is to provide a safety net for the future, rather than something that has to brought into effect now.

Special offer on LPA in St Helens

If you’ve been considering LPA for you or someone you know, now would be the perfect time to act. Here at St Helens Law, we are offering discounted rates for September and October 2019, with basic lasting powers of attorney available for £240+vat, saving £60. Alternatively, it is just £400+vat for two LPA’s, saving £100 on the normal rate.

The prices listed are available for the months of September and October 2019 only. LPAs are subject to a registration fee of £82 per LPA.

More information on Lasting Power of Attorney is available on our website, if you would like a free consultation call 01744454433 today, or email and we’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible.