Whilst courts are trying to keep up with the business that must be carried out, litigation of all kinds will inevitably experience a lot of delay. Delay is already a hugely negative aspect of litigation, but add onto this the additional delay and he legal process becomes very unwieldy as a way of resolving disputes.

At this time, mediation can be a way forward. Mediation does not mean giving up your rights, but rather provides the option to balance your rights against risks and delay. Your claim for damages might be worth £100,000 or £1,000 but if delay means that you wont have the chance to obtain it until 2021 (and there is also a chance that you might then lose), a mediated settlement at say £65,000 or £650 which comes to you in 14 days might be something to consider.

Not all mediated cases end up being agreed, but as mediation fees are a fraction of court fees it is simply makes sense to try. Mediations usually take place face to face, but in accordance with social distancing guidelines we are now able to conduct mediations by Skype, Zoom or simply by telephone calls.

So if you are frustrated by the prospect of having to wait for your case to be determined, simply ask your solicitor about mediation. You have everything to gain and little to lose.

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