No one likes waiting but unfortunately, delays can often occur when buying or selling a commercial property, causing frustration for all parties. The process of commercial conveyancing is an important one – for both the buyer and seller – so it’s important that it’s done right. Which is where experienced commercial conveyancing lawyers, St Helens Law, come in.

With our help commercial conveyancing can be a smooth process, with a seamless transaction achieved every single time. Here we share some of our knowledge to highlight what exactly commercial conveyancing is and how it applies to both buyer and seller.

What is commercial conveyancing?

Commercial conveyancing involves the transfer of title on a commercial property from one person to another. This can be property or land that is built and run to make a profit, with examples being warehouses, garages and petrol stations.

To ensure all paperwork is completed and the property or land is transferred in its entirety , you will need a solicitor. They will help you to fill in the paperwork to avoid any complications further down the line.

Buying a property

Once you have found a commercial property you wish to purchase, the first step is to arrange an appointment with our commercial conveyancing solicitor in St Helens.

A full, thorough investigation will be made of the property in question initially, with any necessary pre-contract searches made to make sure that the estate, and its owner, are fit and proper and you are actually buying the property that you have been promised.

A draft contract will then be made to make sure that both parties and their solicitors are agreeing to the same, acceptable terms. If there are any issues found with the contract, we would assist you in raising these with Commercial Property Standard Enquiry Forms (CPSEs).

Our team will also help in finding out a land tax sum, as well as mortgage finance, as the finances of your contract are discussed in detail making sure you get exactly what you pay for and make all the necessary payments to make the transaction legal.

Once the contract is agreed, it will be made legally binding and official, and you will need to pay the agreed deposit. To complete the sale, the balance of the purchase price is sent to the seller and the title is then transferred with the Land Registry into your name.

Selling a property

Selling a commercial property involves less steps, but it is still important to appoint a commercial conveyancing lawyer to make sure the process goes through smoothly.

Our commercial conveyancing lawyers in  St Helens, will assist you in filling out any CSPEs (Commercial Property Standard Enquiries) that have been sent by the buyer’s solicitors, highlighting any problems with the building that may potentially stop them signing the contract. This makes sure that the buyer has full knowledge about the building before they decide to make the purchase.

Once contracts have been exchanged, we would then approve the transfer deed that has been provided by the buyer’s side, before the transaction is completed. Any outstanding payments or charges will needed to be settled upon the conclusion of the sale.

How St Helens Law can help

Our team of solicitors have many years of experience in this field, and our service for commercial conveyancing in St Helens is regarded as one of the best in the North West. We have navigated the commercial conveyancing processes for many buyers and sellers and can help you to successfully complete this important procedure.

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