You may be on the lookout for a new commercial property for a number of reasons. Perhaps your old facilities have become outdated and you are in need of somewhere to make the most of your company’s potential, or you need to upsize as your current premises is unable to satisfy recent business demands. Either way, if you are looking to purchase an office, retail, leisure or industrial building, you would want to do so in a way that is efficient for both parties.

This is where the commercial property experts at St Helens Law can be of assistance. We have ample experience in dealing with business owners that are looking to add premises to their portfolio, or start-up businesses that are trying to acquire their first base.

Struggling on where to begin on commercial property conveyancing? We are on hand to give you a little more insight on the process…

Locate your ideal property

We’re sure that purchasing a commercial property will not be a knee-jerk decision, and that you will have been considering which building is best for you for a while. But the importance of weighing up your options cannot be understated. Be sure to spend plenty of time searching for the property that is perfect for you, in terms of price, location and logistics.

This gives you the confidence and peace of mind that you are going to continue the process with the intention of purchasing a property you are happy with.

Weigh up the cost

This will undoubtedly be the deciding factor of whether you pursue your ideal property or not but taking all costs into consideration is a sensible way of making sure you are not met with any unexpected fees later on in the process. Here you should think about setting up a business loan if required to put you in a better buying position.

This is when you can also consider any potential costs once you have moved into the property such as maintenance, bills to pay and business rates to keep you in control of your expenses from minute one.

Prepare and make your offer

Now that you feel like you’re in a position to make an offer you’re happy with, you can do so by getting in touch with the other party via a written offer. This may not be accepted first time around, but some negotiating will hopefully allow you to reach a compromise you can afford and are content with.

We recommend this is where you do some further digging under the surface to ensure there are no nasty surprises heading your way once the deal has been signed off.

Use a trusted solicitor to get the deal done

Here is when St Helens Law can help you get the deal over the line, so you can move into your new property as soon as possible. We are able to help you draft up the relevant documents using our expertise in commercial property law.

We can also negotiate the finer details of the contract with the selling party to ensure that the process is legally correct. We can also provide law on registering your ownership with the Land Registry and how to set up insurance for your new property.

Private Client Law

If you would like to have your commercial property in St Helens managed by an expert firm of solicitors to ensure you are in the best possible position financially, then we can help. Our team of professional lawyers are on hand to give you all the legal advice you need about your commercial property. Always feel free to contact our team for sensible and professional advice today.

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