Resolving an issue can be out of someone’s comfort zone even at the best of times, so when this issue is with a family member, it can make things especially difficult. An emotional attachment to the case can mean that any progress can be thwarted, as stumbling blocks can be exaggerated due to a difference of opinion.

This is where one of our lawyers can help, as they provide honest advice from an outside perspective. This helps for all involved to see issues from both sides and can move proceedings on quickly and efficiently. St Helens Law are willing to assist you through this whole process, and help you resolve difficult matters in a swift fashion.

St Helens Law are specialised in a variety of family law matters, including:


Divorce costs can multiply very quickly if it is not settled in an efficient manner. This is an outcome that nobody involved wants, and a compromise can be achieved quickly if both parties are willing to co-operate. With emotion potentially running high on both sides, a level head is needed to find the optimum solution that both parties can be content with. Our family solicitors in St Helens will help in representing you, as we have years of experience in this field of law and have extensive knowledge of the legal processes that are involved in divorce.

Procedures involving children

One of the most difficult legal procedures for adults to deal with is when a child is involved. This includes custody arrangements and adoption. With children involved, family members are often left with some of the most difficult decisions they may ever have to make and could be making decisions that are emotionally charged and not in the best interest. With this in mind, our family law lawyers service in St Helens are ideal for resolving these difficult situations and can provide the best possible solution for anyone who is concerned for their child’s welfare in such cases.

Prenuptial procedures

It is important to have a lawyer present when signing a prenuptial agreement. Although prenuptial contracts can be written without a lawyers help, it is in your best interests to appoint a solicitor for family law in St Helens. This agreement is entered before marriage and will set out the division of assets in the event of your marriage breaking down. St Helens Law can help you produce this in a way that will you in court if this eventuality occurs.

Domestic abuse procedures

We can provide a non-molestation and occupation order to help provide you with protection you need in the future. A non-molestation order prevents the abuser from using or threatening violence against the victim, whilst an occupation enables the victim to remain living at the family home, excluding the abuser. If you feel like you are a victim of domestic abuse in your relationship, then St Helens Law can help you. Our specialist lawyers are experts in this field, and are trained to support victims, giving them the protection from their abuser that they need.

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