The staff here at St Helens Law have over thirty years of experience of dealing with road traffic accidents. We were dealing with these claims when other firms were just thinking about it!

A lot of claimants now are lured into making a claim through their insurers. Often you will receive a telephone call within minutes of the accident from either the insurers or from solicitors saying that they have “been instructed by the insurers”. At that time your resistance is low and you will accept gladly the help, especially when they say that it is free and that the accident was not your fault. The next thing that they will say is that “you have to use us or the insurers will not pay” – nonsense. You are entitled as of right to choose your own lawyer and the choice does not affect any rights to any monies or support from your insurers.

The truth is that using the solicitors instructed by the insurers is the worst move that you could make.

6 Reasons Not To Use Insurer Selected Solicitors

    1. The solicitors will have paid a fee to your insurers for the referral. Often it as much as £700. This fee is banked by the insurers and you receive nothing at all! Ask yourselves “what kind of law firm has to buy in work?”
    2. Due to the fact that the profit element of dealing with the claim has been reduced the solicitors will not use qualified staff. You end up being dealt with by a lowly clerk who may have no idea about car accidents.
    3. You are now a commodity. You have been sold. The solicitors will refer you to a “hire company.” The solicitors will receive a referral fee from the hire company. You get nothing.
    4. The solicitors send you for a medical in one of the big cities. Why? Because the doctor will give them another referral fee!
    5. You are sent for physiotherapy. Why? The solicitor receives another referral fee.
    6. Insurers also insure the other side as well. Which solicitor is going to act for you in your best interests when they have some other interest at heart.

By this time your claim usually is five months old and nothing has happened except others are lining their pockets at your expense.

If you use your own solicitors here at St Helens Law we guarantee you top quality customer care.

10 Reasons to Use St Helens Law

    1. We can do anything that the insurers solicitors can do, but faster and better.
    2. You will have a qualified member of staff dedicated to your claim.
    3. You will have access 24 hours per day to the office by telephone and also access to your file over the internet with your own unique access code. You can read the file but no one else can.
    4. If you are not happy we are there in St Helens to be shouted at! You do not have to sit waiting on the telephone for someone to speak to you!
    5. We can arrange physiotherapy/courtesy cars/ treatment/care providers/ at no charge to you and there are no kick backs.What you see is what you get.
    6. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICE. we are paid by the insurers for the other party or we don’t get paid. Our service is no win no fee.
    7. We use local doctors and experts – you don’t have to travel.
    8. We do not have cushy arrangements with insurers. We act in your best interests not theirs.
    9. We are paid on results-we expect to win and do so.
    10. Insurers know that we will not be messed about. We are not one of their “hired guns” We expect insurers to deal with your claim quickly or else.

Already with the insurer’s solicitor? Don’t worry we can still help. We have taken lots of files off other solicitors instructed by insurers and obtained great results for our clients. If you would like to discuss a personal injury case call St Helens Law on 01744 742360 or contact us through our website.