When you sell your property your solicitor will usually provide you with a set of questions to answer about the property, and what has happened to it during your period of ownership.

Some solicitors will even answer the questions for you and ask you to confirm that they are correct.

A failure to answer these questions honestly can lead to the purchaser seeking damages from you for breach of contract. The damages can be substantial and the legal fees even more so.

For instance, if the question asks “Does the property suffer from flooding?” You answer “No” without thinking or the solicitor puts “No” simply because he thinks that it is correct. When the purchaser moves in, it rains and the ditch at the bottom of the garden rises and floods. They contact you and you remember that when it rained five years ago the garden flooded. You could find yourself funding the cost of improving the drainage and paying the purchaser’s legal fees.

If you reply to an enquiry that “The central heating was replaced last year” when all that happened was that the radiators were replaced, and not the boiler. If the boiler fails, you as the seller may end up with the bill.

It is very important that replies are considered and accurate. A failure to do so could land you in Court.

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