Clinical professionals have a large amount of responsibility placed on their shoulders, and for good reason. The health of the country is dependent on their ability to deliver the highest possible levels of care. If there are instances in which this standard falls short, people can be left with life-changing injuries, or, in the worst-case scenario, loss of life.

This means that if you’re suffering as a result of a poor level of care, you may be entitled to a claim for clinical negligence in St Helens or the surrounding areas to give you the justice you deserve.

This blog from St Helens Law highlights some of the situations in which a clinical negligence claim could be your next port of call.

Fatal clinical negligence claim

No one wants to think about a time when someone close to you has passed away, but if it was a result of clinical negligence, you are well within your rights to seek justice. This time can evoke many feelings of sadness and despair, which will undoubtedly be heightened if you believe their death has been caused by clinical negligence.

You might feel the need to claim so that the deceased can receive justice for the malpractice they experienced, even if it is posthumously. If the death was a result of a delay in diagnosis of a terminal illness, an error during surgery or an inaccurate prescription, for example, you may be entitled to claim.

A fatal clinical negligence claim, if successful, can offer many benefits during a difficult time, including help towards the cost of daily living and counselling or therapy for your family. It can also help to prevent other people from suffering the same fate in the future.

Negligence during pregnancy

If you feel like you have received a level of care that is below standard during pregnancy or labour, then you may be able to claim against the people responsible.

Of course, the pregnancy process is arguably the most important time in your child’s life, and they aren’t even born yet. Any oversights or slips in standards from the professionals here can leave your child/children with disabilities when they are born.

There are many examples of clinical negligence during pregnancy and the birth itself, including injuries to the baby and/or mother, as well as a failure to intervene when the mother or baby are showing clear signs of distress.

If you feel like you or your baby are suffering due to clinical negligence during birth or pregnancy, then the team at St Helens Law will be able to give you the legal advice and support you need to lodge a successful claim.

Substandard hospital or GP surgery care

For most people, a trip to the GP goes smoothly. You share your health concerns with a professional, and they suggest the relevant action to take to resolve the problem or prevent it from getting worse – whether that be referring you to a different health department, prescribing medication or offering general advice.

But in the worst-case scenario, GP visits can lead to major health problems – causing you to spend time in hospital, which could’ve been avoided if your GP showed proper standards of care. Examples of clinical negligence against GP’s include the failure to investigate any symptoms, a failure to refer to a specialist or poor record-keeping, amongst more.

If you feel like poor practice in a GP or hospital setting has had a direct impact on you personally or a member of your family, then you may be able to claim against this with the help of our clinical negligence lawyers in St Helens. Get in touch with us today and we will gladly be of assistance.

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