If you are a first time buyer, you are more than likely full of both excitement and trepidation. This is understandable – after all, you are choosing where you live for the foreseeable future! We here at St Helens Law want to avoid mistakes being made during this time, that can prove costly and take a big hit to the wallet and livelihood of people that haven’t achieved the best deal for them.

As a result, we thought we would provide you with some tips as to how you can achieve a deal you are happy with on your first property.

Be open minded

Of course, we all have a dream property in mind that likely has to fit a number of strict requirements. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is very unlikely that you will move to your first home first time round, so some compromises may have to be made.

Often you can find a home you are happy with by taking the leap of faith and visiting one that on paper may not be quite up to your standards. By loosening your specifications, we are sure you can find a value for money property that will allow you to move onto the next chapter of your life seamlessly.

Sensible budgeting will pay off!

As you may be aware, you will need to put a deposit down on your chosen property if you are looking to purchase it. This is usually between 5-20% of its sale price, which is a fair chunk of change! As a result, you will probably need to start saving, making some necessary spending cuts in order to afford this price. You might have to sacrifice some holidays or expensive luxuries you often purchase such as food at restaurants or a daily coffee.

We are sure that this will be worth it when you finally move into your first property. You can then re-budget and start bringing back to the enjoyable (yet perhaps expensive) aspects of your life you had to cut out previously.

Research the area

Sometimes buying a house solely based on its interior and grounds pays off, but if you haven’t researched your potential new area of residence, it can come to haunt you later down the line!

At St Helens Law, the expert conveyancing lawyers in St Helens, we recommend you delve as deep as possible into looking up your new area before you make any concrete offers. This can be from crime rates to attractions, to how much similar properties in the area cost, so you have as much of an idea as possible about where you are moving in. If you do this extra research, you to know what to expect, and if the area is perfect for your needs and wants.

Get help from the experts

At a glance, the property market can seem like a bit of a minefield. And it may become even more complicated when you actually sit down and look at buying your first property! That is why it is perfectly common that first time buyers look for assistance from the professionals that have the most knowledge in this area.

Here at St Helens Law, we are qualified solicitors for property conveyancing in St Helens and beyond, so if you feel like you don’t know where to start, we will happily help with our wealth of knowledge in the area.

Contact us

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