Here at St Helens Law, we have found that mediation has become one of the best ways to settle a dispute. This can be due to it’s more streamlined nature of not having to get the courts involved, which in itself can add stress, time, and money to the dispute. Don’t get us wrong, going to court can improve your chances of setting a dispute dramatically, but sometimes it doesn’t have to go that far. If you are thinking about whether you need mediation or not to settle a dispute, we are on hand to talk about some of the most frequent causes of mediation we have dealt with.


The dispute that we lend assistance in mediating the most is undoubtedly divorce. A separation is always going to cause disputes over property, childcare etc. and when legally bound by marriage, this can often escalate and reach court. However, if you go to your solicitor directly without mediating, they will often suggest that you do this first to see if you can reach an agreement.

This is because you’ll be surprised how much progress can be made settling a dispute by using a trained, impartial mediator that can be supplied by us here at St Helens Law. This gives you a quicker resolution to the dispute which you can agree with, putting your mind to rest and allowing you to move on with your life.

If you are looking for divorce mediation in St Helens to settle your dispute, get in touch with one of our experienced team today.

Child custody

If you are going through a divorce and custodial rights of your children can’t be agreed on, then this will go hand in hand with your divorce mediation. However, if you are not married but are looking to separate and would like a quick solution to child custody issues without going to court, mediation could be a simpler way to do so. Depending on the age of your children, going to court could put a strain on their wellbeing as well as your own, but a less stressful way of dealing with this issue can ease the pressure and tension on the whole family, while reaching an agreement that benefits all parties.

Dispute between employer and employee

Mediation can also be a popular way of settling disputes outside of the home too. This is especially prevalent in the workplace, where we often see employees come to us if they are having disputes with their employers. It is important to note that mediation should not be used to solve an issue that has to undergo a formal investigation such as harassment or discrimination.

Workplace mediation can also settle disputes between employees, with the objective of working together for the best interests of the company, even if the parties involved don’t have the most harmonious personal relationship. By using a trained mediator, you are improving the chances of a better atmosphere in the workplace and an increase in productivity

Personal injury

At St Helens Law we often see people request mediation who are looking to file a personal injury claim. This is normally done to save face of the establishment that is being claimed against due to private nature, as going to court normally results in more publicity. If you have suffered an injury and it wasn’t your fault, you may choose to go down this route to get the outcome you can agree with as quickly but fairly as possible.

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