Mediation is a means of resolving disputes of any kind. Cases that could end up in court can be resolved quickly and economically by mediation. The average court case will cost a minimum of £10,000 per side and take at least a year to arrive at a trial date. With the present pandemic cases are taking even longer.

Mediation need not mean compromise.  Whilst a mediator may look for a common ground, a good mediator will by question and comment illustrate to a party to mediation the prospects of success or failure.

Mediation is mandatory in family matters ( save for a few exceptions) and can be used to resolve children or financial matters.

Mediation is helpful in commercial disputes where companies do not want to spend months tied up in litigation.  Contractual issues are especially suited to mediation.

Employee/employer disputes benefit from mediation. A lot of emotional energy can be present in employment disputes. Rather than end up at a tribunal a mediation can resolve a dispute and keep both employer and employee able to work together where perhaps a tribunal would not.

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