Making a will is something no one wants to get around to doing, as it is a process that essentially accepts your mortality. However, it is something that is vital in giving you reassurance in later life and will help your close ones and beneficiaries after you pass away.

This is why you should think hard about what to include in this document before confirming it, or something to add if you wish to update it. This blog post from St Helens Law goes over some essentials to include in your will, even if they don’t spring to mind straight away!

Monies and property

Distributing your monies and property to the people that you care about the most is one of the main reasons as to why people make wills. If you own a property then it is best to allocate all or part of this either a single person or multiple people. This is also the same with any monies that you have to your name, as you can give an allotted sum to a beneficiary in your will.

By allocating these items to your loved ones, you can make sure that these are given to the people that you think they are most suitable to, allowing there to be fewer complications once you pass away. This avoids any dispute between family members and friends as it is clearly stated in your will who you would like your possessions to be inherited by.

Social media

In a modern world in which social media is part of our daily routine, our digital accounts can mean a lot to us with important photos or videos available there that may want to be saved to form part of the deceased’s legacy. With this in mind, more and more people are leaving their social media accounts to beneficiaries to ensure that these are not hacked or deactivated.

By stating so in your will you can allow your close ones to take over your social media account so then it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands once you pass away. Our will writing service in St Helens will help you delegate these accounts to the most suitable parties if you are unsure how to do this.

Pet custody

Lots of people love and care for their pets as if they are members of their own family, and in most cases they are! This is why people want the best care for any pets they may have after they pass away. In many wills, it is common to see people leave the custody of their pets with someone they can trust to look after them as best as possible.

When writing your will, it is advised that you ask the person that they are ok with taking care of your pets once you have passed away.

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