You expect to feel safe in your own home . If you feel like these conditions fall short of what you’re paying for and could potentially be putting the health and safety of tenants at risk, you should look to contact your landlord immediately. Have you already exhausted this option and have been met with a property owner that is refusing to cooperate? This is where St Helens Law can come in to put your mind to rest. For some, raising an issue with the person that puts a roof over their head can be a daunting task, but if these matters aren’t addressed they can linger on for years!

Not sure if you’re eligible to file a housing disrepair claim? Our blog post reveals all!

If your belongings are damaged

If you have already contacted your landlord to repair mould or leaks in your property and they have refused to do so, then you could claim compensation on any belongings that are damaged as a result with the help of the team at St Helens Law.

All we ask is that you take photos of the damage as proof and provide receipts of the items that you have had to repair or replace in order to claim compensation. No person should have to deal with the damage of potentially meaningful and essential items, which is why if this is down to the neglect of your landlord, our team of experts can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Effect on personal health

You can also claim if you suffer any ill-health as a result of the disrepair. One of the legal requirements of a landlord is to ensure that a property is kept in a condition which is safe for the tenant, by repairing any faults as soon as they are alerted to them.

The level of compensation you receive as part of your successful claim will depend on factors such as how severe the illness is and how long it has lasted for. If this illness has resulted in time off work then you can claim compensation for this loss of earnings, all with the help of our experienced housing solicitors in St Helens. Put your faith in St Helens Law today for the best chance of lodging a successful, stress-free claim.

General inconvenience

Even if there is no damage to your belongings or effect on your personal health, it is best to alert your landlord to any faults or damage your house has as soon as it is spotted. In an ideal world, we would want your landlord to place the welfare of their tenant as a priority and deal with the repair before it gets out of hand.

Unfortunately, due to our years of experience in the field of property law, we know all too well that landlords can have a tough time coughing up the money needed for repairs and, instead, try to pin it on the tenant themselves. Our experience at St Helens Law allows us to give you the expert advice you need during a house disrepair claim in St Helens and assist you every step of the way. By getting in touch with one of our team, we can guide you through a straightforward process.

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