2019 statistics show that 5.4 million adults don’t know where to begin when writing a will, resulting in many people not making one at all. But – if the unthinkable should happen – you want to be sure that your precious and hard-earned estate is dealt with as you would wish. Can you risk not having a will?

Although it is something that many people put off until later life, making a will is one of the most important documents that bears your name. And, at St Helens Law, we can’t stress enough the importance of writing a will sooner rather than later.

Here are just some of the reasons why…

Ensure loved ones receive your inheritance

This is perhaps the most obvious reason, but it is important nonetheless. Making a will allows you to dictate who inherits your finances. You can decide on specific amounts to be gifted to named individuals, giving a black and white record of exactly how you want your estate to be divided.

Families come in all shapes and sizes but, without a will, inheritance will automatically be given to direct family – this can cause tensions and complications at an already upsetting time. To leave any of your belongings or money to friends or step-family, you will need to include them explicitly in your will. The only way to avoid any confusion or disappointment is to create a will clearly stating your wishes.

If you’re writing a will in St Helens and want to ensure it’s made correctly and valid, be sure to get in touch with our experts here at St Helens Law.

Decide who takes care of your children

If a will is not made, then children under the age of 18 years will be appointed with a guardian by the courts. This could mean your child living with a family member you’re no longer in touch with or someone who doesn’t share your values. The only way to avoid this is by stipulating who will take custody of your children in your will.

Our team are experts at making wills in St Helens and can help to give you peace of mind that your children will be well cared for in the event of your death.

Leaving gifts and donations to charity

Many people choose to leave gifts and donations in their will to give something back to a cause that has been close to their hearts. By creating a will, you can give donations to a cause of your choice, that will be gifted to them when you pass away. This can be a lump sum of money or possessions – you have full freedom over what you want to donate.

This gift amount is either taken off the value of your estate before inheritance tax is calculated or used to reduce your inheritance tax rate if 10% or more of your estate is left to charity. If you would like to give some of your inheritance to a charity or organisation that means a lot to you, then be sure to make a will and include this donation in it.

Reassurance and peace of mind

A final – and possibly the most important – reason why making a will is so essential is to ensure the peace of mind of you and your loved ones. Giving you the reassurance that your wish will be carried out to the letter and every aspect of your estate will be received by the correct people.

No one knows what the future holds and making a will early allows you to relax and get on with enjoying life to the full.

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