In our previous blog post, we gave you some information about a lasting power of attorney (LPA). Now you know some more about it, it is time to consider why it could be a smart decision to set up an LPA to ensure that you are in safe hands if a time ever comes where you do not have capacity to make a decision regarding your own personal welfare.

Plan ahead

No one wants to even think about a day where they may be unable to decide for themselves, but it could happen if you suffer a life changing injury or reach a stage where you require end of life care. This is where you might want to appoint an attorney (someone to make a decision on your behalf).

This would mean that someone who you choose to appoint can decide on decisions related to your finances or ones regarding any day to day care you may need. By putting yourself in good hands and appointing someone who you trust such as a close friend or family member, then you are putting your mind at ease about any such outcome.

Save money

If a day comes where a person is deemed to be unable to make a decision by themselves, then the Court of Protection will look to see if there has already been a lasting power of attorney appointed. If this is not the case, then they will appoint a deputy to perform this role. However, going to the court about this will cost money, which can come to over £1,000 and then a further payment of up to £320 a year after this. By using our lasting power of attorney service in St Helens, you can save on these large fees at an already distressing time by appointing an attorney of your own. This is a much smoother process.

Why set up a lasting power of attorney?

Avoiding a misconception

At St Helens Law, we regularly hear that people thought that their spouse would automatically become their attorney if a time comes where they lack the mental capacity to make a decision for themselves. This means that they would be able to look after your bank account and decide on your healthcare, however, this is not the case. An LPA still has to be set up, even if it is just to appoint your spouse to the role.

An autumn offer on LPA in St Helens

St Helens Law are allowing you to secure your family’s future for cheaper in the months of September and October 2019. We are offering discounted rates on basic lasting powers of attorney.

From 1st September to 31st October 2019, we are offering basic lasting powers of attorney for just £240+vat (saving £60 off the normal price of £300+vat). We are also offering a rate of just £400+vat for 2 lasting powers of attorney (saving £100 off the normal price of £500).

*The offer and prices shown above are during the months of September and October 2019. The savings shown are against the usual basic LPA of £300 for one and £500 for two. LPAs are subject to a registration fee of £82 per LPA.

Contact us

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