Ideally, disputes would be settled quickly and swiftly with an immediate agreement being made between parties. However, as we well know in any aspect of life, and especially here at St Helens Law, this is not always the case. Sometimes there are fundamental disagreements that can’t be settled just by talking it out with eachother. Now often you may think that going to court and getting solicitors involved is the only available option left, but this is not true. Mediation often goes under the radar as a method of reaching an agreement without the added hassle and stress of escalating it further. We are here to tell you why mediation may be your perfect next port of call.

Takes less time than going to court

One of the benefits of looking to mediation as opposed to going to the courts, is that an agreement can be reached much quicker than taking a more drastic route. This is often more convenient for all parties, as disputes can prove to be a stressful experience even at the best of times! Of course, if there is a deep rooted disagreement that needs to involve a legal team then mediation may not be suitable. But if you are looking for a quick resolution to a disagreement, mediation should be your first option.

Less expenses to pay

If you have ever been involved in a legal battle in the past, you will know that fees can quickly rise if taken to court. Let’s be honest, we all want to save money when we can, and mediation can be the perfect way to do this while having the potential to reach the same agreement that you would if you took the dispute to court. Again, not all cases can be solved by a simpler mediation session, and will need to be escalated to court, but if this money saving option is available, you might want to weigh up your options and figure out if it is a worthwhile choice.

No added pressure of a courtroom setting

For some people, being in court can be a very high pressure scenario, and with most disputes, it never has to get to this point! Mediation is a useful option of settling a dispute without having to get to the court room, which can often have an impact on wellbeing. By appointing a mediator, you can attempt to settle a dispute in a more “informal”, domestic setting that allows you to freely get your points across without this added pressure. This in turn can provide a better argument and result in a better chance of reaching a reasonable agreement.

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