In the past a lot of solicitors did conveyancing with quill pen and handwrote most of the papers. Typewriters speeded up the process, and word processors made the work quicker and easier to standardise.

The advent of IT has taken the whole process even further away from the personal touch, and some solicitors now view their role as simply filling in forms and making sure that the keys are provided for the purchaser.

But the role of a property lawyer is much more than just form filling.

Yes if the property is registered at the Land Registry then the legal title is easier to deal with. But what about disputes over land, what about the state of repair of the property, what about surveys, what about making sure that the boundaries are in the correct place?

In new properties, very often the title will be being registered for the first time. Was planning permission obtained? Were all of the building regulations abided by? What is the ground rent? Is it excessive? Does it increase?

The above potential problems are just a handful of examples of questions that can arise. A competent lawyer will ensure that all of those details are dealt with. Someone just filling out the forms probably won’t.

A classic example is where a purchaser thinks that the building society valuation is some sort of guarantee as to the property being sound. It isn’t. The valuation is for the building society – not the purchaser. Did your solicitor tell you to have an independent survey? If he didn’t, why not? Did your solicitor send to you a copy of the site plan? If he didn’t, how do you know what you have bought?

If you buy a house with problems you may not be able to sell it or you may lose money on it. You could have a long wait wishing that you had instructed a proper conveyancing solicitor in the first place.

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