Wills & Probate

Do you need probate if you have LPA?

The simple answer is, yes, as Lasting Powers of Attorney

Who can override a power of attorney?

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is someone who has

Spring Promotion on Lasting Powers of Attorney

From 29th March until 31st May 2021, secure your family's

Why do I need to review my will when I get married?

Here’s the scenario: you’re a person who is clued up

Secure your family’s future with a lasting power of attorney

Let’s be honest, we always want to know that we

How to draft the best will possible

Drafting your will is something that you probably want to

LPA Offer Nov/Dec 2020

From 16th November - 20th December, secure your family's future

Virtual Wills

There has been much discussion in the legal world in

Disputes over wills

The accumulated wealth of a family member that dies can

Arguing over an inheritance

Arguing over a will is understandable if you are part

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